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Read this story.  It should only take you two minutes.

          Little Things by Raymond Carver

This is one of those amazing short pieces of fiction I love.  Carver shows his mastery of storytelling here.  The description is spot on, especially when he foreshadows with this line:

“The baby was red-faced and screaming. In the scuffle they knocked down a flowerpot that hung behind the stove.”

And the way the end comes up short nearly takes your breath away. Have a read and tell me what you think.

So the writing is going.  Not sure where it’s going.  Not sure how it’s going.  But it’s going, so that is good news.

I started writing on the 13th of December.  My goal was moderate: 10 pages a week.  At this moment, I am–by my count–nearly four pages ahead of target.  That’s great news.

When I first started back to writing, my prose lay on the page like a Friday night stiff, cold and lifeless on the exam table–naked, wounded, and absolutely unbearable to look at.  I tell you, the situation was dire.

It was terrible.  Really.  Terrible.

Now, if my prose has life, it bears a striking resemblance to one of those horror flick zombies, arms and legs stitched together, not exactly lifeless, but alive without a soul.  Not where I want to be, but I’ll take it!

Er go, staying on the clock is paying off.  Improvement pops up its shiny little head at every turn.  Words bubble to the surface easier than before and the confusing pain of editing (in the past, my strong suit) is now at least bearable.

In light of this progress, I am working two parallel efforts:

Exhibit A:  Novel.  Working Title: Daisy.  I will not reveal the details now, but suffice to say that it is a story that’s been rambling around my brain for years, so motivation is high.

Exhibit B:  Short Story contest.  I’ve scratched out a few planks of fiction, but not an entire short story yet.  I figure setting a deadline to enter a contest will light a fire.  Details are here.

So, here I go.  Wish me luck!