Main Character Theme Song

I like the way the title of this post rolls off the tongue.  Reminds me of Hot Tub Time Machine for some reason (an entertaining flick if you’ve not had the pleasure).

The link between writing and music has been a subject of endless fascination for me. The first novel I ever attempted–set in the Spain, if you must know–was written almost exclusively to the sounds of Dave Matthew’s first album.

In Iraq, my I-Pod was never far from reach, and it became my cheer-leading section as I churned out pages. Dragonfly, my favorite short story to date (at least in recent memory) was written as I listened to Switchfoot’s On Fire over and over again.

NaNo appears to be no exception.  As I work myself through the first several chapters of Daisy, I’ve decided on a theme song for Kodi, our dear hero, who finds himself in so much trouble and must dig himself out.

The lyrics aren’t necessarily literal when compared to the story, but I think the flavor of a chance lost–as captured so perfectly in this tune–is a feeling I don’t want to lose as I write.  It may even be possible that Kodi saves things in the end–but I’ve found that opportunity’s favorite brother is regret, so I push the play button over and over again.

Have a listen to Kodi’s theme song: Keith’s Urban’s Stupid Boy.  Oh, by the way, what’s the main character of your WIP’s theme song? 

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  1. Lola Sharp said:

    Man, did I wear that first DMB album out. It goes down as a a top 100 best album in my opinion.

    I too always write to music, and am big on playlists and theme songs…and often cannot start writing until I have at minimum a song or two that at least gives me the 'feeling' I want. Sometimes all I have is a 'feeling' for the kind of book I want to write (meaning, not only no outline, but not even a character, genre or setting before I sit down to write–but I almost always know the 'feeling' I want for the book, which is often motivated by a song).

    And now for the weirdness…a first kind of weirdness, and it's bothering me and slowing me down: I've had a plot idea for a LONG time, just a vague concept (tell you later), and MC girl, age 17. That's unusual for me to have a plot concept up front.
    BUT, I have NO SONG.
    And it's upsetting me and stalling me.
    Nothing I know, in my vast library of music, 'feels' right.
    I tried Pandora to see if something new would play that would hit me.
    This has never happened to me before.
    And I hates it. Hatesssss it.

    I'm going to go through my CD's and ipod again today…wasting more time…but not having at least one theme song is stunting my creativity, and this is a very heavy, dark story, and I need all cylinders firing. *sigh*

    I need to find a song fast, before you and Summer kick my ass on word count. I'm so behind!

    November 5, 2010
  2. Claire Dawn said:

    I'm completely irrational when it comes to Keith Urban. Why would you do this to me? I thought we were friends! lol.

    My MC's theme song is Easier by Kandi
    And the song which summarises her relationship with the Love Interest is Right Thru Me by Nicki Minaj

    November 5, 2010
  3. K.M. Weiland said:

    Putting a "soundtrack" to a work-in-progress is one of my favorite guilty pleasures (Keith Urban being another ;). For my historical The Deepest Breath, I'd probably have to pick Skillet's "Hero." It actually fits almost all of the characters, in different ways.

    November 11, 2010
  4. Donna Hole said:

    My second book was set almost entirely to Faith Hill and Tim McGraw's LIKE WE NEVER LOVED BEFORE. I can't believe sometimes how many times I listened to that song, as a few others with the same sentiment, while writing it to keep the emotional level consistent.

    Even now, when I dabble in editing/revising the work, I first have to listen to that one song.

    Music seems to stir the creativity in a writer.


    November 27, 2010

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