Day 18: I’ve Seen Fire & I’ve Seen Rain

Notwithstanding my goofy superstition chat yesterday, I am extremely happy with my NaNo performance so far.  In fact, I’d have to say that this has been one of the best weeks of my life, writing-wise.  Lots of wordcount.  Lots of good ideas.  For the first time in a long time, I’m feeling in my element.

This morning I took a half hour and looked over some of my earlier chapters.  Certainly, they’ll need a lot of fixing up.  My first drafts are very messy.  But I also saw some flashes of–dare I say?–brilliance.  At least brilliant by my own standards for my work.  I’m relatively hard on myself most of the time, so when I see something I like–especially if I don’t have the slightest idea how it got there–I naturally think it’s an act of genius.  😀  Do you find the same thing with your own writing? 

It was nice to revisit some of those scenes again, even if briefly, and I’m looking forward to getting the first draft finished so I can spend a little more time on them.  Thus I’m feeling happy and warm and somewhat introspective this Friday.  😀

But wait!  There’s more!  I have other business to discuss.  Two things, in fact. 

First, Chris from The Kelworth Files interviewed me yesterday on my NaNo experience.  If you haven’t checked out Chris’s blog, you really should.  He delivers solid content, day in, day out, as evidenced by this recent roundup post he put up. 

Second, I received an award.  Francesca over at Zap’s Lobster Tank gave me the Lovely Blog Award.  Thanks so much Zap!  I’m a new follower over at her place, but I’ve been nothing but impressed by her work ethic, style and sense of humor.  In fact, she reached her NaNo goal: 90k words in 15 days!  Talk about smoking up those pages!

I’m supposed to pass this on to fifteen folks, so I’m going to choose some fresh faces this time out, some folks who I’ve recently come in contact with or have been around lately that have impressed me.  In no particular order:

1.   Vive Le Nerd
2.   Far Away Eyes
3.   Let Go Of The Past, Live Today and Create Tomorrow
4.   Crazy California Claire
5.   The Organic Writer
6.   Mainewords
7.   Moody Writing
8.   My Literary Jam & Toast
9.   I Am A Man
10. Michael Offutt
11. Insomnia Strikes
12. The Girdle of Melian
13. A Daft Scots Lass
14. Live High
15. Writing In A Nutshell

These are all really great blogs and you should go check them out.  Now.  It’s alright.  I’ll wait.  😀  Anyway, thanks for stopping in.  Enjoy this great classic video and have a totally groovy weekend!!

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  1. Thank you for the award. I'm so flattered! I certainly do NOT belong in that crowd of awesome writers.

    November 18, 2011
  2. Thank you for this. Now I've got some new blogs to check out.

    I know what you mean about writing something and then not knowing how it got there. It's like falling into a trance. When the writing is good, life is good. No, life is Great! Then, of course, the opposite is true. Ride the wave. I'm glad NaNo is inspiring you. There is nothing harder than writing, and nothing that is more rewarding. Thanks again for the awesome award.

    November 18, 2011
  3. Liza said:

    Keep on with those flashes of brilliance JP. Glad things are flowing for you. (Funny to remember that JT used to have hair!)

    November 18, 2011
  4. farawayeyes said:

    Thanks Jon. I've never received an award before. Appreciate it!

    If you read the post, you know I've been checking in. The Vampire in my head (internal editor)has been screaming at me to shut up and stop clogging up the comment boxes of other people's blogs, while fulfilling my need to 'talk'. Fairly stupid for someone who lives for the feedback. But then…

    Enjoyed this post. I saw 'Fire and Rain' yesterday ,or maybe it was raining fire. Anyway, I pulled the rug out from under my protag ( hit the crisis). Now,I'm procrastinating breaking more hearts and causing some serious carnage.

    I did cross the 50k mark in NaNo. Proud of that. New goal: finish the first draft by 11/30.

    I read your interview and linked to your post 'Casting Call'. I am impressed. Your groundwork is massive. You can't possibly fail.

    I'll procrastinate a little more while I try to figure out how to 'lift' that award icon and pass it on. I also want to proudly wear it in the margins. Ah, life in the margins.

    Good luck (sorry,I should not have said that out loud).Keep the tunes coming,they keep me going.

    November 18, 2011
  5. Joshua said:

    Thanks for the award, and some new blogs to follow. Score!

    November 18, 2011
  6. WilyBCool said:

    Thank you very much for the honor! I appreciate it very much. I enjoy your blog and visit it regularly.


    November 18, 2011
  7. Thanks for the award. Best of luck with NaNo and hope your genius gene stays for a while 😉 Nice to find someone else who posts some music. Did you check out the Stereophonics?

    November 18, 2011
  8. Congratulations on the award. And messy first drafts go with the territory.

    November 18, 2011
  9. mshatch said:

    thank you for the award! Now to choose who to pass it on to…

    love Miles, btw and JT.

    November 19, 2011
  10. PurpleMist. said:

    Thanks a lot for the award! I haven't gotten on in a while so this really made me happy 😀

    November 20, 2011
  11. oceangirl said:

    I enjoyed the Jazz, thank you, but more so thank you for James Taylor. And thank you for the award. All the best in your writing. It is a good feeling to see brilliance and that is what you write for. I am not a writer but that is the motive for any bit of my writing. Thanks again, Jon.

    November 20, 2011
  12. Deniz Bevan said:

    Ooh! Thanks for the birthday present [g]

    November 22, 2011

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