Cast Party

***WARNING: Rant only tangentially related to writing inbound.***

BEHOLD!  My left foot!  Or more correctly, my left foot in a cast.

Yeah, I went and done it.  I am a bit of a jogger–more an athletic dilettante–and I’ve run on roads all over the world while managing not to fall down (I’ve discovered, the not falling down part is pretty key). 


But it turns out the roads here in Sicily are pretty bumpy, and yeah, I happened to be suffering from foot-in-pothole disease last Friday.  I fell down.  :(

The doctors tell me I sustained what is called an avulsion fracture.  Of course I told the guys at work a wild story about getting chased by jewel thieves and having to save some bikini-clad princess in distress.  They bought it hook, line and sinker.  I do write fiction, after all.

Still, it’s a pretty big bummer, especially considering our house has three flights of stairs.  When told I’d be in a cast for six weeks, my ears almost fell off.  No flying for me either, which is the part I suppose I hate the most.  But hey, roll with the punches, you know what I mean?

Perhaps at this point you’ve also realized there’s a silver lining: I should have plenty of time for NaNo!  If I didn’t feel like such a horse’s patoot, I’d be right excited about that.  But my momma also taught me that when life gives you a broken foot, make broken-foot-ade.  Or something like that.  Never mind.  The point is, in other words, I think I’ve thought of a way to turn this spot of bad luck into some fun.

Wanna sign my cast?  😀

Yeah, I mean YOU wanna sign my CAST?  Yeah, really sign it?  It’s like a big white canvas around MY ankle screaming YOUR name!

Except by “sign”, I don’t mean actually “really” sign, unless you wanna buy a round trip ticket to Sicily.  No, I’ll let you “sign” it if you want to.  All you gotta do is leave me something witty in the comments–you can even tell me which little strip of plaster real estate is yours!–plus tell me the color (red, blue, or black) and we’ll get it stenciled on for you in a jiffy.

All you writerly folks can think of something cool or interesting or profound to say, can’t you?  And if you think this whole thing is only a stunt to curry sympathy and get some attention, you’re absolutely right!!!  Pictures to follow!

Stay groovy guys, and for those of you gearing up for NaNo, good luck Monday morning!

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  1. glnroz said:

    "Durnit, Dude",, GlenRose

    October 29, 2010
  2. Liza said:

    Swallowed by a pothole, huh? No fun. Hope you are managing OK on crutches. The stair part made me cringe. Good luck. Red ink. Top of the foot.

    October 29, 2010
  3. Summer said:

    Awww, so sorry to hear that! And hey, take it from one who knows–it's better a hurt foot than a hurt hand for Nano!

    I'd like to request either "That'll do, pig" like Woody Harrelson in Zombieland, or some sort of picture. A strange picture. That will make people question your friendships…Yes. Possibly on the bottom–you can do that, right? :)

    Feel better soon, and make sure to do lots of writing during pain pill sessions.

    October 29, 2010
  4. Ground Patrol. (black ink, anywhere you like)
    So sorry you're grounded, but you can write a whole novel in six weeks, so no excuses. (um, maybe that should be No Excuses, in red)

    October 30, 2010
  5. Lola Sharp said:

    OMGoodness! Ouch. I'm so sorry, JP.

    But, yeah, you've now got broken-foot-ade. You'll be given us a run for the money on the word-count-o-matic-meter for nano.

    I have no clever cast signing witticisms right now, but I do wish you speedy healing.
    Cheers to our transatlantic Nano adventure!

    October 30, 2010
  6. Claire Dawn said:

    "Of all the potholes in all the world…"
    Red ink :)

    October 31, 2010
  7. Donna Hole said:

    Foot in Hole disease is too cool not to have on a cast!

    Or, you could write NaNo is big block letters to remind you of your good fortune while not flying.

    Don't fall down Dude – it hurts.


    November 1, 2010
  8. Jon Paul said:

    Thanks friends! I should do the stenciling in the next day or two, then I'll post some pics.

    November 1, 2010
  9. Tara said:

    Oh no! So sorry 'bout that, JP. Lots of writing time is a definite plus, though :)

    November 1, 2010

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