Month: November 2011


There are not many downsides to living in one’s head all the time.  Balancing the different elements of one’s life–friends, family, work, fiction–can be a challenge, but all in all, the payoffs are worth it IMHO.

I have come across one thing I miss: spending more time outside.  When I first joined the Navy, I worked as an aviation electrician’s mate (this was before I got picked up to be a pilot).  This meant I spent tons of time out of doors, and that was one of my favorite parts of the job.

But I am starting to see a trend here with writing fiction, especially if I am ever fortunate enough to be able to do it full time.  I have this image of myself, several years older, emerging from the dark cavern of my office, pale-skinned, eyes round and white like teacup saucers, after having written fiction for three days straight.  Sunshine?  What’s that?

So I’m taking a breather this afternoon.  Maybe I’ll go outside, live in the sun for a few hours.  Who knows what might happen?  The sky’s the limit!

And what kind of music best captures that ray of sunshine optimism, the best anthem for stepping out a bit?  How ’bout a little shot of Britpop for starters.  Anyhoo, enjoy this video, and I hope, wherever you are, you’re having a blast!!!

Feeling like a smoky, jazzy Saturday, so I’ll keep it short–especially since I still have some writing to do to reach my wordcount goal.  I hope your weekend is off to a grand start, and the writing (or other endeavors) goes well.

Here’s a little jazz to set the mood.  Maybe it’s a little obvious, as jazz selections go, but this tune totally captures that cruising feeling ideal for getting some writing done.  Or just hanging out.  😀

Stay groovy!

Notwithstanding my goofy superstition chat yesterday, I am extremely happy with my NaNo performance so far.  In fact, I’d have to say that this has been one of the best weeks of my life, writing-wise.  Lots of wordcount.  Lots of good ideas.  For the first time in a long time, I’m feeling in my element.

This morning I took a half hour and looked over some of my earlier chapters.  Certainly, they’ll need a lot of fixing up.  My first drafts are very messy.  But I also saw some flashes of–dare I say?–brilliance.  At least brilliant by my own standards for my work.  I’m relatively hard on myself most of the time, so when I see something I like–especially if I don’t have the slightest idea how it got there–I naturally think it’s an act of genius.  😀  Do you find the same thing with your own writing? 

It was nice to revisit some of those scenes again, even if briefly, and I’m looking forward to getting the first draft finished so I can spend a little more time on them.  Thus I’m feeling happy and warm and somewhat introspective this Friday.  😀

But wait!  There’s more!  I have other business to discuss.  Two things, in fact. 

First, Chris from The Kelworth Files interviewed me yesterday on my NaNo experience.  If you haven’t checked out Chris’s blog, you really should.  He delivers solid content, day in, day out, as evidenced by this recent roundup post he put up. 

Second, I received an award.  Francesca over at Zap’s Lobster Tank gave me the Lovely Blog Award.  Thanks so much Zap!  I’m a new follower over at her place, but I’ve been nothing but impressed by her work ethic, style and sense of humor.  In fact, she reached her NaNo goal: 90k words in 15 days!  Talk about smoking up those pages!

I’m supposed to pass this on to fifteen folks, so I’m going to choose some fresh faces this time out, some folks who I’ve recently come in contact with or have been around lately that have impressed me.  In no particular order:

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These are all really great blogs and you should go check them out.  Now.  It’s alright.  I’ll wait.  😀  Anyway, thanks for stopping in.  Enjoy this great classic video and have a totally groovy weekend!!

Have you ever noticed how superstition tends to run in mostly one direction?

Superstition seems intimately linked with unusual runs of good luck.  For the batter on a long hitting streak, or the Las Vegas slot player sliding coin after coin into her favorite one-armed bandit, small decisions become very important.  Eat a bucket of chicken before the game.  Cash out after every win.  The slightest variation in the way we approach an endeavor can knock things off track and send the good luck fairies scattering away to spread their good fortune elsewhere. 

A crash after a long run of success can easily be blamed on not wearing lucky socks, or forgetting to knock on wood.  It happens all the time.  How many times have you found yourself talking about how well you are going to do something, and then stopped mid-sentence, realizing you were setting yourself up?  Invariably, you go on to crash and burn, almost as a kind of punishment, and your friends laugh at you.  😀

I’m in that zone now with my NaNo story.  Really.  So I’ve come up with an antidote.  As of now, I’m putting every one of you on notice.  This weekend, I’m gonna eat it, big time.  Really.  I’m not joking.  Probably have a couple of zero wordcount days.  I’ll probably delete a couple thousand words by accident.  I tell ya, I can feel it:  I’m gonna fall flat on my face and scream: “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.”

Good luck fairies, you hearing me?  😀

Have a great Thursday everyone, and enjoy good ole Stevie, doin’ his thang!!!