Month: February 2010

Hey, Kristin Creative just topped 100 followers over at her blog–due to her great content. To celebrate, she’s running a contest. Get all the details here. Why not stop by and say hello?

And while I’m at it, I’m going to take the opportunity to welcome all you awesome folks who recently started following this blog. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you. “What do I get for joining?” you ask. Well let me tell you:

Book Reviews: I should finish Knowls’ “A Separate Peace” soon, and then I’ll review it for you. “ASP” isn’t on the hot read list, I know, but there’ll still be wisdom to share anyway. I have a review of Hallie Burnett’s “Fiction Writer’s Handbook” in the can too.

Short Stories: One of the two short stories I’m working on–“The Gull” or “Big Win”–will soon be ripe for the sharing. I haven’t decided which one. Any votes based on title?

Conquering the Page: Hunting around like a dog in the woods for a way to contribute to this great big writing conversation, I hit upon an idea: why not share lessons I’ve learned during my nearly 18-year military career?

So {cue “2001–A Space Odyssey” music, massively cool baritone announcer voice, noises of airplanes dive bombing and fifty-caliber machinegun fire}: Coming in February, “Conquering the Page: Creating Your Own Fiction Writer’s Battle Plan”, a post series designed to help you target your key writing terrain, neutralize pesky enemies like writer’s block and lack of motivation, and take that first-draft beachhead and hold it. {OK, OK, stop the soundtrack now…}

And much much more.

Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Seriously, I promise I’ll keep the melodramatic war metaphors on the DL, although one or two may still infiltrate the front lines (eh?). So stick around. The next few weeks will be a blast. We may all learn a thing or two as well.

What about you? What groovy posts or projects are you working on?